TOUR DU MONT BLANC (It side, 1996 Alta Via del Monte Bianco lato it.) by Enrico Pelos

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Photographs of my backpack trek days (in 1996), along the Italian side of the Tour du Mont Blanc. This itinerary was is almost a “must” for every walker/hiker/trekker for the vision of unique landscapes and unforgettable moments that will remain forever.

Fotografie delle mie giornate di trekking (nel 1996), lungo il lato italiano del Tour du Mont Blanc. Questo itinerario è una tappa quasi “obbligata” per ogni camminatore/escursionista/trekker. Ma forse è meglio dire “necessaria” per la visione di paesaggi unici ed emozioni indimenticabili che rimarranno per sempre.

Photography, texts & translations, map, slideshow by Enrico Pelos,

I wish to thank Giorgio Robino (Solyaris) for the use of his music
“Antelao Adrift” from the CD “Wanderer”
“Felsenmeer Endless Labyrint” from the CD “Ascension and Revelation”
Licensed under Creative Commons
Giorgio music link:


Author: Enrico Pelos

Landscape Environmental Urbex Photographer, Writer, Publisher

4 thoughts on “TOUR DU MONT BLANC (It side, 1996 Alta Via del Monte Bianco lato it.) by Enrico Pelos”

  1. The third edition of this popular guidebook to the 105-mile Tour of Mont Blanc. One of the best of the world’s classic walks, which circumnavigates the Mont Blanc massif in about eleven days. The walk has all the excitement of the high mountains yet none of the worry of altitude sickness. It crosses numerous cols with stunning views of spectacular snow and rock peaks and accommodation along the route is plentiful. The ‘official’ Tour du Mont Blanc follows an established route around the main block of mountains containing not only Mont Blanc but its principal allied summits such as Verte, Chardonnet, Gouter, Geant, Jorasses, d’Argentiere, Dolent and numerous others. The author describes the tour both in the traditional ‘anti-clockwise’ direction and the ‘clockwise’ direction. There are several alternative routes that subsequently link, and these are also described. The routes have been created to give the very best perspective and appreciation of the whole region. At every opportunity recommendations are made that will bring the walker into closer contact with the area. This guide is in full colour, with points of interest, accommodation details and natural history of the region covered. This edition includes new routes around Courmayeur and Arnuva and to Lac Blanc.

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