BEPPE GAMBETTA GENOVA ACOUSTIC NIGHT 2014 – Rushad Eggleston and Aoife O’Donovan


Il famoso chitarrista e cantante genovese Beppe Gambetta non ha bisogno di presentazioni. Ogni anno porta a Genova, per le sue Acoustic Nights, sempre ospiti interessanti e nuovi, quest’anno presenta le “Nuove generazioni”: qui è Rushad Eggleston famoso ed eclettico violoncellista è con Aoife O’Donovan famosa chitarrista e cantante. Un’emozione vederli suonare e cantare insieme.

The famous Genoese guitar virtuoso and singer and Beppe Gambetta does not need any introduction. Every year he brings to Genoa new and interesting guets for his Acoustic Nights and this year he presents the “New generation”: here is Rushad Eggleston a famous and eclectic cellist with Aoife O’Donovan, famous singer and guitarist. It’s really amazing to see them play and sing together.

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Author: Enrico Pelos

Landscape Environmental Urbex Photographer, Writer, Publisher

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