Bambi se n’è andato – Bambi’s gone

“Bambi’s gone to heaven to play the blues”*
…era stato definito il “Jimi Hendrix italiano” …
e questo rende l’idea di chi fosse…
Pier Niccolo’ detto “Bambi” Fossati perchè giovane hippie amava aggirarsi nei boschi…
faceva sognare con le corde della sua chitarra
“ho conosciuto la vita ed il tempo, adesso non voglio, non voglio svegliarmi”
a tuxedo
ciao Bambi


(*parafrasando il titolo di una canzone di Christy Moore dedicata a Rory Gallagher)


“Bambi’s gone to heaven to play the blues”*
he was defined the “Italian Jimi Hendrix” …
and this gives an idea of who he was …
Pier Niccolo Fossati known as “Bambi” because young hippie used to go rambling in the woods …
he made us dreaming with the strings of his guitar
“I learned about the life and time, now I will not, I will not wake up”
in tuxedo
ciao Bambi

(* paraphrasing the title of a song by Christy Moore dedicated to Rory Gallagher)

Author: Enrico Pelos

Landscape Environmental Urbex Photographer, Writer, Publisher

5 thoughts on “Bambi se n’è andato – Bambi’s gone”

  1. Bambi was my mom cousin we live in Canada for the pas 40 years and I just find out looking on face book for my cousin and I found he past and I m vary sad I have good memories of the times I us to go and visit my grandma and he came and we went for gelato loosing Bambi is a big loss for music love him always .Lucia


  2. Hi Lucia
    I am sorry to read what you write but I can tell you that your cousin was a really appreciated musician and quite famous over here in Genoa and in Italy. If there is anything I can do for you from here please just ask.
    All the best, Enrico


    1. Hi Enrico
      Thank you for reply very nice of you ,I try to get in contact whit the family my mom was the one to keep in contact after she die I loss contact whit Bambi and his sister Juliana ,I was hoping to find them .Bambi was the easy but to late .Can you please help me to find Juliana if you can.
      sincere Lucia


  3. Hi Lucia
    just write me via email with all the data you know about your relatives and I’ll see to get in touch with Juliana if she still is in Genoa in order to allow her to get in touch with you. In the meantime I’ll write a phrase on the FB post ( ) and may be someone is able to give me more infos
    All the best, enrico


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